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Something is missing

Recently I put my head back in the water and once again submerged myself in a local playground. The lifestyle, to me, is nothing new but I am traveling with others for which it is. It is nice to watch through the eyes of others and sit back and observe as they learn and explore the things that gain their affection.

Inevitably some things have changed, while others carry a farmiliar charm. Like the nostalgic smell of latex shine or the whimper from a kitty at the soft end of a crop.

What I miss though, is the one thing that for me, completes any scene or play.

Eye contact is fleeting and I barely experience it. People glance, they look down or around. Offer a compliment, request to play, fix their own clothing and scan the room.

An entire conversation can be carried out without words. A mood created and a moment cemented.
One of the only things that can allow me to submit, render me shy and lead me, like a snake following the hands of a charmer.
Its so powerful to me and I miss it.

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